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Born and bred in the Klingdom of Crystal in the deep forrests of Småland, Sweden, the two brothers Stefan and Mikael Erlandsson, are skilled masters in the art of glass blowing.
Since early 1700, mouth blown glass has been produced in Småland and here crystal reigns sovereign as both art and industry.
Large companies like Kosta-Boda and Orrefors, whose names are world renowned, originates from thees remote parts of Sweden. And it was here, at Kosta-Boda the two brothers started their careers some 40 years ago.  
In Småland, the glass craftsmen and artists have turned their art into a $75 million industry and established Sweden in the world of handmade glass. Despite competition from international glass industries that have automated their operations, replacing craftsmen with machines to offer a less expensive product, Stefan and Mikael has refused to succumb. They take pride in the fact that their crystal is mouth blown and handmade in much the same way and with many of the same tools used centuries ago.

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