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Just north of Uppsala, at the unique scenery of Ulva Kvarn by the river Fyris, crystal glass has been blown since 1984. In 2012 the glass mill was succeeded by the two brothers Stefan and Mikael Erlandsson, whom both are certified "masters" in glass blowing. 


Mikael and Stefan originates from the  Kingdom of Crystal located in the province of Småland in southern Sweden and this is where they got their training. During XX years the brother proved themselves as prominent glass artisans at the world famous Kosta Boda glassworks, working closely with some of the worlds most renowned glass artists. Throughout the years the Erlandsson brothers have received numerous scholarships and awards for their work. They have furthermore served as preceptors in the art of glass blowing and performed before public audiences. 


Through collaborations with recognised designers and artist, alongside with their own creativity, the brothers at Ulva Kvarn produces a wide range of glass handicrafts – from commercial promotion products to tableware and art glass. 


At Ulva Kvarn Stefan and Mikael welcome individuals and groups to their glass mill where you are welcome to try glass blowing or just brows their wide collections of high quality handmade crystal glass.   

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