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Situated just outside Uppsala alongside the river Fyris, Ulva Kvarn is truly a sanctuary for all ages. Surrounded by lush vegetation and murmuring sound of purling water Ulva Kvarn is the perfect getaway offering serene walking tracks, children's playgrounds, restaurants, art galleries, coffee shops and different artisans. 


Ulva Kvarn dates back to the 12th century when the first mill was established. The current mill building was erected in 1757 and was used  as a grain mill up until 1963, when it was sold by the last flour miller. The name "Ulva" originates from "Ulva vad" which basically means "the place where the wolfs waded over the river".


The area is open year around and offers permanent facilities such as galleries and restaurants along occasional activities such as markets and exhibitions. Ulva Kvarn is easily reached by public transportation (bus from Uppsala) or car.   

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